LikhonPad identity

Logo, icon and typo-graph for LikhonPad

LikhonPad is nice tool for typing in different language. People can type English with much ease but often struggle in writing other scripts. For almost same reason often, Bengali is written in Roman Transliteration (English letters). So, I thought about developing an application where people can type using English alphabet as a transliteration of desired language and get the text in desired language. Languages to be supported on the first public release are,

  • বাংলা (Bengali)
  • العربية (Arabic)
  • ελληνικά (Greek)
  • עִבְרִית (Hebrew)
  • देवनागरी/हिन्दी (Devnagari Lipi/Hindi)

The first public beta was made available on internet in January 24, 2010. Get it here and the transliteration formula here.